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"I remember my son's first day at Merino Court. We had been having massive issues at home with toilet training, to the point where he would start screaming if asked to go use the toilet. At the end of the first day, I walked in to find him happy and smiling, and was told he had used the toilet about 3 times during the day with no issues. This is when I fell in love with Merino Court. We had tried other daycares, big chain companies, and never got anything close to the service Merino Court provides. It's more like a family, like dropping your kid off to his Aunty's place.  I'm so glad I took my colleague up on her recommendation of Merino Court. I'm sad to be saying good bye to everyone there, and will 100% be back in the future when kiddo gets his wish of a baby brother or sister. Thanks again guys!!! We will miss you all!!!!" - Nina H


"Thank you to all the educators at Merino Court. I love that you all inspire the children to imagine and explore new things. Thank you for dancing with them, singing with them and talking them through all the lessons they learn each day (and so much more that you do). I really appreciate all your hard work and putting your heart into nurturing my girls”-Bec DB

"We absolutely love the work that you do for Ngaire. We can see she's very happy with you and that takes a lot off my mind knowing she's learning heaps and is happy under your care
"-Rebecca O

"The efforts of Merino Court to capitalise on parental influence is refreshing"- Sam C

"I could thank the Merino Court team every day for the care they give to each of my kids. All my kids love and adore being there over all these years and it is because of the  people you all are. I have so much appreciation for all you do. All of my kids were excellent talkers from a very early age. They have been spoken to by the staff like 'little adults'. The staff are always friendly and helpful. Any of my plans that change, Merino has always done their best to accomodate for me"- Kelly J

"We love that Merino Court makes a real effort to include our whole family, and we really love the gender mix of staff"- Trinity H

"We are very happy overall with the overall performance of all staff and the care of our 3 children"- Grant T

"Its not easy being a mum and working full time however everyone at Merino Court are amazing and Jack absolutely loves coming there everyday"-Natasha P 

"We love being part of the Merino family. The level of care we have always received from the educators at Merino Court is second to none. Thank you all for the hard work and care that all 3 of our kids have been lucky enough to experience, we feel you're all like a second family to Isla and we know she loves going to daycare!" - Simone N 

"Well what can I say about all the wonderful Educators at Merino, thank you for the fabulous support and encouragement you all show to the numerous families. Danika absolutely adores the attention (and discipline) that you all extend her way! Very happy with the staff, meals, and operating hours. Awesome staff members that are a great and enthusiastic team"- Erica L

"Kendrich came from a different centre and was unhappy. When he came here, he became settled and looks forward to coming everyday. The carers are very loving and sincere. They hug and cuddle the kids, encouraged with words. It feels like that centre is an extended family. One thing I really love is your intolerance to bad behaviors, you discipline with love. The carers are all awesome!!!"- Ferdilyn D